Once the application is up, visit the public URL of the instance to start using it.

Admin setup

The application is pre-configured with one admin user with username admin and password hunter2.
After logging in, you'll be prompted to update your password with a stronger password.

Add projects

After logging in and changing password, you'll be brought to the home page. Click on the Settings button at the top to go to the settings page. You can start by adding your first project.
Start by giving the project a name (Web, MobileWeb, InternalCRM etc). The timezone field is for the timezone that you'd want the metrics to be reported in.

Project setup

Once the project is added, click on Setup Instructions to get the tracking snippet. Enter the public URL of the instance in the base URL field and click on Copy to clipboard.
Add this tracking snippet inside the <head></head> section of all your webpages that you want to be tracked.

Add users

In the settings page, click on the Users tab to add more users. An user can be an Admin or a normal User.
Admins can create/edit/delete projects and other users. Normal Users cannot do this.
Once a new user is created, they can login using their username and the default password hunter2. They'll be prompted to update their password after login.